Thursday, October 28, 2010

Train Ride of Doom

I had this weird dream once.  I went to Target, but once inside it wasn’t Target at all; it was like a separate little world and whoever entered couldn’t get back outside.  The place had an unfair dictator who was a woman with red hair.  Eventually I ran into my friends, and they told me they had been picked to take a special train ride.  Somehow I got wind of the fact that they were to be killed at the end of this train ride.  I tried to warn them, but they thought I was just jealous that I didn’t get picked.  I accidentally got on the train ride with them, and I was panicking.  Me and one of my friends jumped off the train and hid, and one of my friends stayed behind.  We came across a house, and I could see the people who lived there but she couldn’t.  A young boy ran up to us exclaiming that we were celebrities and then I woke up. 

For this dream, I found a website that tells the hidden meaning of your dreams, and what it means psychologically and mystically.  Psychologically, dreaming of trains means your future is on track.  Mystically, it indicates a change in fortune.  Psychologically, being famous in a dream means someone admires you.  Mystically, it suggests you are trying to grasp something out of your reach. 

I thought it was interesting how this website gave a psychological and mystical definition of dreams.  I also found it fascinating that the two definitions are so different from each other. 

Here’s the website:

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