Thursday, October 14, 2010

Virtual Reality Video Game

A few weeks ago I had this crazy awesome dream.  From what I remember, I was standing in front of  three passageways, a door with a tunnel to either side.  I appeared to be in a cave of sorts.  My mission was to reach the top of the cave, and to do that I had to get past each floor.  I entered the door and found myself in a hallway.  I could hear two men talking about something bad that involved them making money.  I tried to sneak by them, but they heard me and came out of a room, armed.  As I began to run, a boy seemed to come out of no where and defeated the two goons.  Together, we completed the next few levels until we reached the top.  We came out of the ground and there was nothing but a small house.  It was incredibly windy, and some sort of tornado was coming so we hid behind the house.  When it hit the house, he shielded me from the wind storm.  I was safe, but the only thing stopping him from getting sucked into the storm was a rickety old fence that was slowly ripping from the ground.  I cried out and reached for him.  Just as I was about to grab him, I was in a room with countless wires and IV’s connected to me as if I were an experiment.  There was a swarm of people in lab coats around me, monitoring me, and one of them was taking a helmet off my head.  I was panicking because I wondered where the boy was and if he was okay.  And then I woke up.

For this dream I used another website where you can type in your dream and it analyzes it for you.  Dreaming of being in a video game means you are in a situation that’s one challenge after another.  Tornados represent a large challenge.  A broken fence suggests a challenge being gone.  Lastly, an experiment or lab indicates curiosity and a desire for knowledge. 

The way I am going to interpret this interpretation is that college is constantly challenging me (video game).  The biggest thing that has been coming up was my philosophy midterm (tornado), and I had just finished the rough draft of my English essay (broken fence), and I think I did really good on it.  In general, I’m a very curious person and I love to learn (experiment/lab).  That’s definitely not what I would have expected from that dream. 

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