Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I had this dream during my senior year of high school.  In my dream, it was 5th period in my animation class and I was talking to my best friend Paige on the phone.  She said something weird about my animation teacher, Mr. Austin, that surprised me.  Meanwhile, my friend Karli and I were sticking giant post-it notes around the classroom and I wrote what Paige said on one of them.  Mr. Austin was going around taking them down and he got upset about what Paige said, so I stayed after class to help him clean up.  For some reason the room was filled with Lego sculptures and pillars that I had remembered building.  Then I punched a wall and one of the Lego pillars collapsed.  I left and went to 6th period where we watched a Harry Potter movie that doesn’t exist, but in the dream I remembered reading the book for the non-existent movie.  Then I woke up.

For this dream, I went to the dream dictionary on a website called DreamForth.  It says to see toys in a dream, like the Lego’s, represents my inner child.  Dreaming of a classroom means that I will experience an event that will have a major influence on my future decisions.  To dream of watching a movie suggests that I’m taking life easy. 

Although this interpretation talks about the future, I can analyze it’s predictions since I had the dream long enough ago.  Well, I had fairly easy classes my senior year (movie).  Also, I went to Momentum, a week long church retreat in Ohio, with my church over the summer, and it was a life changing experience that has probably influenced my decisions (classroom).

And here’s the link to this website: http://www.dreamforth.com/

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