Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Aaah Spiders!

So for about three or four nights straight last week I had nightmares about spiders.  I also happen to be arachnophobic, so that wasn’t fun.  The dreams weren’t exceptionally specific, I remember two of them pretty well.  In one of them I had two spiders caught in my hair, one was quite bigger than the other, and I freaked out and had my best friend get out the bigger one first, and I woke up before panicking about the smaller one.  In the other, I was sitting on my bed and there were spiders all over my room.  For some reason, I stared at one by my bed, and that was the only one I could really remember.  That wasn’t fun to wake up from in the middle of the night!

For this dream, I used a dream dictionary on a website called Paranormality (I clicked on it because I thought the name of the website was cool).  As the name of the website suggests, it focuses on more than just dreams so it might be cool to go check out.  This website is different from the others I’ve been to; it shows how your dreams have the ability to predict the future.  It says dreaming of many spiders hanging around me means my future holds favorable conditions, fortune, good health, and friends.  Also, dreaming specifically of a large spider and a small spider together foretell that I will be prosperous and feel immensely successful for a period of time.  I guess only time will tell how accurate this website is.

Although, here’s an interesting fact: The day after I had these nightmares, I was laying on my bed and a huge house spider came crawling past me.  Being arachnophobic and all, I ran from my room. Then I decided it would be better to find the spider and kill it rather than have it roaming around my room at night, but I had no idea where it went.  I ended up finding it in the exact same spot the spider was in my dream by my bed. Interesting :p

Here’s the link: http://www.paranormality.com/dream_dictionary.shtml

And I tortured myself by looking for a picture of a house spider >.<

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