Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buried Alive

For survival training in Girl Scouts our challenge was to be buried alive.  We had to live in a coffin for some amount of time and we’d be given just enough food and water to get by; so we couldn’t waste it.  I had my food in a zip lock bag and a single bottle of water.  I was in what appeared to be a graveyard, the scenery perfectly horrifying.  The trees were dead (I love dead trees), the remnants of their leaves scattered around the dying grass as the wind blew violently.  Everything was tinted blue in the dark of the night. I was talking to Amanda and told her I was scared.  It was my turn.  I climbed into the coffin, made myself comfortable.  The coffin was made of a dark colored wood and the interior silk was a brilliant blue.  I curled up into it, welcoming its warmth which seemed equivalent to that of a sleeping bag.  A woman closed the coffin door with some parting words and a good luck.  Once the darkness closed in on me, I began to panic and bang on the roof just inches from my face.  How am I supposed to breathe if I’m buried alive?

I used a different book this time, called 20,000 Dreams by Mary Summer Rain.  To begin with, I’ll look up the main part of this dream, being buried alive.  Fear of being buried alive means fear that a pending plan will not have a chance to prove itself.  Dreaming of coffins represents loneliness and a sense of hopelessness; or that you’re unable to rise above problems that are trying to bury you.  Wind suggests unsettled emotions or indecisiveness.  The color blue seemed to be a really big part of this dream, which indicates readiness to liberate yourself from repressed feelings.

Again, when I had this dream I was having problems with the same ex boyfriend.  At the time, when we would make plans he had a bad habit of not showing up or making up an excuse that he couldn’t make it (buried alive).  I probably felt a little lonely, unsure of his true intentions, and feared this relationship wasn’t working (coffin/wind).  I also really wanted to talk to him about it because of the way it was making me feel (blue).

Here's an awesomely creepy picture I made; it looks almost exactly like it did in my dream.

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