Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Orange Extra Credit?

This past Saturday, I spent the night at my best friend Jean’s house and had the weirdest dream.  Jean and I were staying at some sort of hotel.  Jean told me that her boyfriend Timmy had to film a water gun commercial for extra credit for my English class, and that he was downstairs in the pool.  So I went down to the pool to help him.  He was in the pool wearing orange swim trunks, and along the edge of the pool was an orange camera and an orange plastic flute from the Dollar Tree.  Apparently the plastic flute was supposed to be the water gun.  I told him he should do his homework first and then I’d help him.  I went back up to the hotel room but I fell asleep.  The next morning I was asleep at Jean’s house but I could hear the Sunday morning hubbub going on around me (this is still part of the dream).  Timmy was in a suit, and Jean was telling him that I had fallen asleep.  Jean’s mom was saying that the cookies she baked for church had a white center because she forgot to put the cookie flavor there when she baked them.  Then I heard Jean tell her mom that I couldn’t go to church with them because I was asleep.  I really wanted to go to church, so I actually woke up.

Since this dream had to do with church, I decided to do something a little different and go to a Christian dream analyzer.  Since the color orange seemed prominent in this dream, I looked that up first.  It symbolizes courage, endurance, and strength.  Dreaming of staying at a hotel foresees ease and profit.  Seeing friends in a dream means pleasant things for their future, or that I may see them soon.  Lastly, dreaming of sleeping implies favor for those I love. 

I was actually really surprised that the Christian dream analyzer interpreted dreams in relation to the future, although that kind of makes sense.  Since these are in the future, I don’t know how accurate they are, except that I saw both Jean and Timmy at church on Sunday (friends).

Here’s a link to the Christian dream analyzer: http://www.dream-interpretation.org.uk/index.htm

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