Thursday, October 28, 2010

Train Ride of Doom

I had this weird dream once.  I went to Target, but once inside it wasn’t Target at all; it was like a separate little world and whoever entered couldn’t get back outside.  The place had an unfair dictator who was a woman with red hair.  Eventually I ran into my friends, and they told me they had been picked to take a special train ride.  Somehow I got wind of the fact that they were to be killed at the end of this train ride.  I tried to warn them, but they thought I was just jealous that I didn’t get picked.  I accidentally got on the train ride with them, and I was panicking.  Me and one of my friends jumped off the train and hid, and one of my friends stayed behind.  We came across a house, and I could see the people who lived there but she couldn’t.  A young boy ran up to us exclaiming that we were celebrities and then I woke up. 

For this dream, I found a website that tells the hidden meaning of your dreams, and what it means psychologically and mystically.  Psychologically, dreaming of trains means your future is on track.  Mystically, it indicates a change in fortune.  Psychologically, being famous in a dream means someone admires you.  Mystically, it suggests you are trying to grasp something out of your reach. 

I thought it was interesting how this website gave a psychological and mystical definition of dreams.  I also found it fascinating that the two definitions are so different from each other. 

Here’s the website:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I had this dream during my senior year of high school.  In my dream, it was 5th period in my animation class and I was talking to my best friend Paige on the phone.  She said something weird about my animation teacher, Mr. Austin, that surprised me.  Meanwhile, my friend Karli and I were sticking giant post-it notes around the classroom and I wrote what Paige said on one of them.  Mr. Austin was going around taking them down and he got upset about what Paige said, so I stayed after class to help him clean up.  For some reason the room was filled with Lego sculptures and pillars that I had remembered building.  Then I punched a wall and one of the Lego pillars collapsed.  I left and went to 6th period where we watched a Harry Potter movie that doesn’t exist, but in the dream I remembered reading the book for the non-existent movie.  Then I woke up.

For this dream, I went to the dream dictionary on a website called DreamForth.  It says to see toys in a dream, like the Lego’s, represents my inner child.  Dreaming of a classroom means that I will experience an event that will have a major influence on my future decisions.  To dream of watching a movie suggests that I’m taking life easy. 

Although this interpretation talks about the future, I can analyze it’s predictions since I had the dream long enough ago.  Well, I had fairly easy classes my senior year (movie).  Also, I went to Momentum, a week long church retreat in Ohio, with my church over the summer, and it was a life changing experience that has probably influenced my decisions (classroom).

And here’s the link to this website:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Endless Hallway

A few nights ago, I had a fairly creepy dream.  In the dream, I believe I had just finished watching a horror movie, because I was a little bit jumpy.  My house even looked creepy.  I went into my room to go to bed, but there was some type of scary monster in there (which I don’t remember) and I ran back into the living room.  Then, I opened the door to my parents bedroom and it was completely empty apart from the bed.  I knew there was something wrong with that scene so I slammed the door shut.  I ran into the kitchen and my mom was there.  I told her I was scared because I was hallucinating, but she told me that was perfectly normal.  I was confused and went to my parents bedroom to go to sleep, and everything was normal, including my dad sleeping in there.  I turned to look down the hallway and it went on forever.  I looked into each door and they were all my parents’ bedroom, with different horror movie-like scenes going on inside them. 

To analyze this dream, I went to a dream forum on DreamCrowd and posted my dream.  A dark, creepy room symbolizes feeling trapped or repressed.  Feeling fear about something indicates temporary worries.  Dreaming that your hallucinating is your unconscious telling you to be more alert and express yourself clearly.  Walking through a hallway means that you are trapped in a situation. 

Well, personally I think this analysis is pretty inaccurate.  I really don’t feel that way at all.  I can’t even stretch it to try to find some abstract thing in my life that makes me feel trapped or worried. 

Here’s the link to my post on the dream forum:

I also pulled a picture off the internet of an endless hallway and put a cool midnight effect on it :p

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Orange Extra Credit?

This past Saturday, I spent the night at my best friend Jean’s house and had the weirdest dream.  Jean and I were staying at some sort of hotel.  Jean told me that her boyfriend Timmy had to film a water gun commercial for extra credit for my English class, and that he was downstairs in the pool.  So I went down to the pool to help him.  He was in the pool wearing orange swim trunks, and along the edge of the pool was an orange camera and an orange plastic flute from the Dollar Tree.  Apparently the plastic flute was supposed to be the water gun.  I told him he should do his homework first and then I’d help him.  I went back up to the hotel room but I fell asleep.  The next morning I was asleep at Jean’s house but I could hear the Sunday morning hubbub going on around me (this is still part of the dream).  Timmy was in a suit, and Jean was telling him that I had fallen asleep.  Jean’s mom was saying that the cookies she baked for church had a white center because she forgot to put the cookie flavor there when she baked them.  Then I heard Jean tell her mom that I couldn’t go to church with them because I was asleep.  I really wanted to go to church, so I actually woke up.

Since this dream had to do with church, I decided to do something a little different and go to a Christian dream analyzer.  Since the color orange seemed prominent in this dream, I looked that up first.  It symbolizes courage, endurance, and strength.  Dreaming of staying at a hotel foresees ease and profit.  Seeing friends in a dream means pleasant things for their future, or that I may see them soon.  Lastly, dreaming of sleeping implies favor for those I love. 

I was actually really surprised that the Christian dream analyzer interpreted dreams in relation to the future, although that kind of makes sense.  Since these are in the future, I don’t know how accurate they are, except that I saw both Jean and Timmy at church on Sunday (friends).

Here’s a link to the Christian dream analyzer:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Virtual Reality Video Game

A few weeks ago I had this crazy awesome dream.  From what I remember, I was standing in front of  three passageways, a door with a tunnel to either side.  I appeared to be in a cave of sorts.  My mission was to reach the top of the cave, and to do that I had to get past each floor.  I entered the door and found myself in a hallway.  I could hear two men talking about something bad that involved them making money.  I tried to sneak by them, but they heard me and came out of a room, armed.  As I began to run, a boy seemed to come out of no where and defeated the two goons.  Together, we completed the next few levels until we reached the top.  We came out of the ground and there was nothing but a small house.  It was incredibly windy, and some sort of tornado was coming so we hid behind the house.  When it hit the house, he shielded me from the wind storm.  I was safe, but the only thing stopping him from getting sucked into the storm was a rickety old fence that was slowly ripping from the ground.  I cried out and reached for him.  Just as I was about to grab him, I was in a room with countless wires and IV’s connected to me as if I were an experiment.  There was a swarm of people in lab coats around me, monitoring me, and one of them was taking a helmet off my head.  I was panicking because I wondered where the boy was and if he was okay.  And then I woke up.

For this dream I used another website where you can type in your dream and it analyzes it for you.  Dreaming of being in a video game means you are in a situation that’s one challenge after another.  Tornados represent a large challenge.  A broken fence suggests a challenge being gone.  Lastly, an experiment or lab indicates curiosity and a desire for knowledge. 

The way I am going to interpret this interpretation is that college is constantly challenging me (video game).  The biggest thing that has been coming up was my philosophy midterm (tornado), and I had just finished the rough draft of my English essay (broken fence), and I think I did really good on it.  In general, I’m a very curious person and I love to learn (experiment/lab).  That’s definitely not what I would have expected from that dream. 

The link for this website is:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Aaah Spiders!

So for about three or four nights straight last week I had nightmares about spiders.  I also happen to be arachnophobic, so that wasn’t fun.  The dreams weren’t exceptionally specific, I remember two of them pretty well.  In one of them I had two spiders caught in my hair, one was quite bigger than the other, and I freaked out and had my best friend get out the bigger one first, and I woke up before panicking about the smaller one.  In the other, I was sitting on my bed and there were spiders all over my room.  For some reason, I stared at one by my bed, and that was the only one I could really remember.  That wasn’t fun to wake up from in the middle of the night!

For this dream, I used a dream dictionary on a website called Paranormality (I clicked on it because I thought the name of the website was cool).  As the name of the website suggests, it focuses on more than just dreams so it might be cool to go check out.  This website is different from the others I’ve been to; it shows how your dreams have the ability to predict the future.  It says dreaming of many spiders hanging around me means my future holds favorable conditions, fortune, good health, and friends.  Also, dreaming specifically of a large spider and a small spider together foretell that I will be prosperous and feel immensely successful for a period of time.  I guess only time will tell how accurate this website is.

Although, here’s an interesting fact: The day after I had these nightmares, I was laying on my bed and a huge house spider came crawling past me.  Being arachnophobic and all, I ran from my room. Then I decided it would be better to find the spider and kill it rather than have it roaming around my room at night, but I had no idea where it went.  I ended up finding it in the exact same spot the spider was in my dream by my bed. Interesting :p

Here’s the link:

And I tortured myself by looking for a picture of a house spider >.<

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Sadistic Little Boy

I originally wrote this dream down because I thought it would be really cool to turn it into a short film or something.  It reminds me of something you’d see on the Twilight Zone.  First, I was a man (again).  I was in an ice cream parlor getting ice cream for my son.  I paid for the ice cream and balanced both bowls precariously in my arms.  Just as I was turning to leave the counter, a man dressed in black stabbed me and ran off with a black briefcase I had been carrying.  I tried to get up, because apparently that briefcase was really important to me, but I couldn’t and I died.  As soon as I died, I was a woman walking my two-year-old son in a stroller to the park.  I got shot three times in the back, and also died.  Then I was the little boy in the stroller.  I heard three gun shots, and I got out of my stroller and ran.  We had been crossing a bridge, and I ran to the edge of the bridge.  I wasn’t afraid at all.  I leaned over the railing of the bridge, and I kept leaning further and further until I was just about to fall… Then, it was like a camera zooming out of the town.  The town turned into a play set, and the same little boy was just playing with dolls.  He made the little doll of himself fall off the bridge.  (The little dolls looked really creepy, too)  Then, his mom called his name, George, and he ran out of his room.  Then I woke up.

I found a website called the “Meaning of Dreams” for this dream.  Death in dreams symbolizes closure, transformation, and leaving worries behind.  Food can mean pleasure.  Having blood in a dream means “the worst is over.”  Violence toward a doll suggests that I am no longer being dominated by a person, and that I’m in control.  A stone bridge signifies strong willpower and rising above emotional difficulties. 

I had this dream around the time me and my ex broke up (blood).  Emotionally, I stayed strong (stone bridge).  He was somewhat dominating and very controlling (violence toward dolls).  It wasn’t a very happy relationship, so it wasn’t the end of the world to me and I was a lot happier (death/food). 

Here's the link for the website:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buried Alive

For survival training in Girl Scouts our challenge was to be buried alive.  We had to live in a coffin for some amount of time and we’d be given just enough food and water to get by; so we couldn’t waste it.  I had my food in a zip lock bag and a single bottle of water.  I was in what appeared to be a graveyard, the scenery perfectly horrifying.  The trees were dead (I love dead trees), the remnants of their leaves scattered around the dying grass as the wind blew violently.  Everything was tinted blue in the dark of the night. I was talking to Amanda and told her I was scared.  It was my turn.  I climbed into the coffin, made myself comfortable.  The coffin was made of a dark colored wood and the interior silk was a brilliant blue.  I curled up into it, welcoming its warmth which seemed equivalent to that of a sleeping bag.  A woman closed the coffin door with some parting words and a good luck.  Once the darkness closed in on me, I began to panic and bang on the roof just inches from my face.  How am I supposed to breathe if I’m buried alive?

I used a different book this time, called 20,000 Dreams by Mary Summer Rain.  To begin with, I’ll look up the main part of this dream, being buried alive.  Fear of being buried alive means fear that a pending plan will not have a chance to prove itself.  Dreaming of coffins represents loneliness and a sense of hopelessness; or that you’re unable to rise above problems that are trying to bury you.  Wind suggests unsettled emotions or indecisiveness.  The color blue seemed to be a really big part of this dream, which indicates readiness to liberate yourself from repressed feelings.

Again, when I had this dream I was having problems with the same ex boyfriend.  At the time, when we would make plans he had a bad habit of not showing up or making up an excuse that he couldn’t make it (buried alive).  I probably felt a little lonely, unsure of his true intentions, and feared this relationship wasn’t working (coffin/wind).  I also really wanted to talk to him about it because of the way it was making me feel (blue).

Here's an awesomely creepy picture I made; it looks almost exactly like it did in my dream.