Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the Run from the FBI

My mom and I were cleaning the living room, when there came a knock on the door.  It was two police officers, a man and a woman, who asked to interview us outside.  While I was being interviewed by the male police officer, I saw a bomb.  I panicked and crawled on top of the car, which somehow shielded me from the explosion.  My mom told me we had to hide, so we got in the car and took off.  The FBI was chasing us, and we decided it would be smart to ditch the car and run (which is not smart at all).  They were shooting at us, so we hid in an abandoned liquor store.  A little bit later, a woman in a suit came in and told us we would be safe if we went with her.  We decided to trust her, and she took us to her mansion.  She talked to us by a large lake near her house.  She told us we were safe “for now” because we had to appear in court, but after that we’d be on the run again.  My mom and I left, and my mom took me to a car dealership to buy me a car.  I backed it out of the parking space and accidentally backed into another car.  Both cars completely fell apart on the soft impact.  Random people helped me and the other driver out of our cars, but suddenly a multitude of police officers surrounded me.  I was afraid they weren’t going to give me medical attention and let me die, and then I woke up. 

To analyze this dream, I went to a website called “the Curious Dreamer.”  I thought it was cute because it’s Alice in Wonderland themed.  This website has a dream analyzer, where you can type in your entire dream, and it will pick out all the dream symbols in the dream and analyze it for you.  Dreaming about getting caught by the police symbolizes being falsely accused of something.  Mom just means mom (how creative).  A bomb indicates feeling defenseless against authority.  A woman I don’t know in a dream can represent a problem involving a real person that I do know.  Lastly, a car accident suggests something happening that’s outside my control. 

What I find really interesting is that after analyzing this dream, it almost seems like it predicted the future.  The day after I had this dream, I went to the US Open in Huntington Beach to see Cobra Starship and Weezer.  My mom was going to drive me and my friends Jean and Michelle there (mom).  While I was on my way to Jean’s house, she called me and told me her grandma said she couldn’t go (woman I don’t know/car accident).  I really wanted her to come, but there was nothing I could do (bomb).  The only interpretation that doesn’t really fit is being falsely accused of something (unless someone did behind my back; who knows?), but overall I find it fascinating that those particular events happened after I had that dream. 

Here’s the link to the website I used:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Miranda Cosgrove vs. the Joker

This dream just might be weirder than my last.  So, I was a man and my daughter had been kidnapped by the Joker.  It was a dark night, and I was running down the street until I reached her school.  The school looked run down and the grass was over-grown.  There was a blinding bright light coming from the school, and I couldn’t see the students faces, only their silhouettes.  I continued to run until I reached the edge of the block, where a car came screeching around the corner.  It was the Joker, who was dangerously riding on the hood.  I ran in the opposite direction, but I tripped on a mattress and landed on the hood of a car.  The Joker pulled out two toy guns and shot me four times.  Since they were just toy guns, I didn’t die, but I pretended to fall so he wouldn’t actually kill me.  Just then, Miranda Cosgrove came down the street on a pink flying carpet, also armed with two toy guns.  (Random fact: I went to elementary school with Miranda)  And just as they were about to have an epic face-off, I woke up. 

To analyze this dream, I used a book called the Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams by Theresa Cheung.  The first thing I wanted to know, is what it means to dream I am a man.  My dream book said that I may have a change in perspective, and its usually a sign of psychological maturity.  (That’s a lot more normal than I thought it would be)  Dreaming about a ruined school can mean the collapse of “youthful illusions” and not to dwell on the past.  I was a little surprised that my dream book didn’t say much about famous people or villains.  Since I specifically remember tripping on a mattress, I thought that may be important.  Mattresses or beds symbolize getting away from the world. 

So, this is how I’m going to make sense of all that.  I had this dream pretty recently, and I think it really has to do with my transition into college.  Going into college is a lot like leaving my old world behind, and getting away from the past (mattress/ ruined school).  It’s changing the way I look at things, and I’ve noticed I’m a lot more independent now (man).  I never expected my crazy dreams to make so much sense.  It’s turning out they’re quite insightful in a strange way.

This is a picture I made of Miranda Cosgrove vs. the Joker.  Who would win?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flying Shrimp!

In this dream, I was with my dad in England and we were going to see a movie about aliens.  The theater had been decorated as if you were going into an actual space ship.  As me, my dad, and a ton of other people piled into the theater, an alarm went off to evacuate the building immediately.  So I grabbed my dad and ran outside.  Just then, a mob of giant flying shrimp descended from the sky and landed around the theater.  (For the record, I don’t like shrimp)  And out of these shrimp space ships came aliens armed with laser guns.  I managed to survive by running away, and then I woke up.

I decided to start off with a strange dream, although most of my dreams are quite bizarre. I found a dream interpretation website online called “Dream Moods” to take a look at this dream.  To start with, I looked up aliens, since that’s what my dream was focused on.  Seeing aliens in a dream suggests that I was having trouble dealing with a person or situation in my life.  Shrimp indicate inferiority and smallness.  Apparently having a gun in a dream can either have something to do with hostility (which makes sense) or penises (which does not). 

The way I am going to analyze this is at the time of this dream, I was having problems with my ex boyfriend (aliens/gun).  Maybe the issue at the time was really not a big deal (shrimp).  So overall, I guess that makes sense.  Now, tell me what you think ;)

Here’s a link to the website I used:

Here's a little picture I made just for fun.  It's a cow getting abducted by a flying shrimp space ship; I think it's hilarious.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hello, my name is Nicole Marie Jowett, or Nikki for short.  I am a freshman at Cal State Long Beach majoring in Film, and this blog is a creative English assignment.  Twice a week, I am going to be analyzing dreams- specifically, my dreams.  And let me tell you- I have some pretty strange dreams!  Maybe I’m crazy, or maybe they actually mean something.  Some people believe dreams are simply based on what you were thinking about before you went to bed.  Others think what you dream at night may have some ability to predict the future.  Scientists say its all random neurons firing away in the brain.  I say its our imagination;  the little kid inside trying to escape by telling you crazy stories every night.  Some you remember, others you don’t.  I’m going to give a brief recap of my dream, and analyze it using a variety of sources.  I’ll try to post consistently every Tuesday and Thursday.  I’d like to get a better understanding of my dreams, however crazy some interpretations may be, and hopefully entertain my readers in the process :)