Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flying Shrimp!

In this dream, I was with my dad in England and we were going to see a movie about aliens.  The theater had been decorated as if you were going into an actual space ship.  As me, my dad, and a ton of other people piled into the theater, an alarm went off to evacuate the building immediately.  So I grabbed my dad and ran outside.  Just then, a mob of giant flying shrimp descended from the sky and landed around the theater.  (For the record, I don’t like shrimp)  And out of these shrimp space ships came aliens armed with laser guns.  I managed to survive by running away, and then I woke up.

I decided to start off with a strange dream, although most of my dreams are quite bizarre. I found a dream interpretation website online called “Dream Moods” to take a look at this dream.  To start with, I looked up aliens, since that’s what my dream was focused on.  Seeing aliens in a dream suggests that I was having trouble dealing with a person or situation in my life.  Shrimp indicate inferiority and smallness.  Apparently having a gun in a dream can either have something to do with hostility (which makes sense) or penises (which does not). 

The way I am going to analyze this is at the time of this dream, I was having problems with my ex boyfriend (aliens/gun).  Maybe the issue at the time was really not a big deal (shrimp).  So overall, I guess that makes sense.  Now, tell me what you think ;)

Here’s a link to the website I used:

Here's a little picture I made just for fun.  It's a cow getting abducted by a flying shrimp space ship; I think it's hilarious.


  1. That is so cool! I can relate on having those strange dreams and it seems like you did a good job analyzing it too. Keep up the good work!

  2. First of all, I'm loving this post you've created and the picture is just too cute! Talk about this dream getting a little out of hand and being quite random, I can totally relate because I have really far-fetched dreams too at times. It could've been due to the bad cheesecake I ate the night before to maybe watching something outrageous like "The Hangover", but yes I'm also on the bandwagon of WEIRD DREAMS. XD
    As for your fascinating "Flying Shrimp" dream, I think that's a pretty valid reason for your imagination having summoned up this scene due to problems with your past relationship. However, I think the shrimps may have had more of a hindering role since you strongly dislike them and being that they were the giant kind too. When it comes to analyzing dreams, I think it's great to have everyone put in their input of what it could mean, but it's the dreamer who actually holds the key of truth to a closer knowledge of what it's all about.
    Bottom line, I enjoyed your post and will make use of the link for dream definitions that you've provided for all us dreamers! :]

  3. I'd just like to start off with saying that I love that you've created your blog based around dreams. I know that a lot of people never remember their dreams, but I am someone who frequently remembers mine, and just like you, I have very odd ones that can be, at times, difficult to interpret. By far, in one of my weirdest dreams yet, I was skydiving in a mountain dew bottle with penguins. So, provided that you've left your link to interpreting dreams, I have taken the initiative to interpret a part of that crazy dream that I had. It says that having a penguin in a dream signifies that my problems aren't as serious as I think. Cool! :)