Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hello, my name is Nicole Marie Jowett, or Nikki for short.  I am a freshman at Cal State Long Beach majoring in Film, and this blog is a creative English assignment.  Twice a week, I am going to be analyzing dreams- specifically, my dreams.  And let me tell you- I have some pretty strange dreams!  Maybe I’m crazy, or maybe they actually mean something.  Some people believe dreams are simply based on what you were thinking about before you went to bed.  Others think what you dream at night may have some ability to predict the future.  Scientists say its all random neurons firing away in the brain.  I say its our imagination;  the little kid inside trying to escape by telling you crazy stories every night.  Some you remember, others you don’t.  I’m going to give a brief recap of my dream, and analyze it using a variety of sources.  I’ll try to post consistently every Tuesday and Thursday.  I’d like to get a better understanding of my dreams, however crazy some interpretations may be, and hopefully entertain my readers in the process :)

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  1. Greetings! Dude I am so excited for this blog. I always love hearing about other people's dreams, no matter how weird they are! I think the concept of dreaming is amazing. Anything and everything is possible in the dreamworld. Our mind is truly unleashed during these states of unconsciousness. It's just so incredible how our minds are able to generate worlds and event of our own, based on ideas and events we have stored in. I don't know, It's just dreams are just so complex and hard to really describe. They may have meanings or just downright strange. But yeah please keep us informed, as I will keep up to date on this, sweet dreams!