Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Miranda Cosgrove vs. the Joker

This dream just might be weirder than my last.  So, I was a man and my daughter had been kidnapped by the Joker.  It was a dark night, and I was running down the street until I reached her school.  The school looked run down and the grass was over-grown.  There was a blinding bright light coming from the school, and I couldn’t see the students faces, only their silhouettes.  I continued to run until I reached the edge of the block, where a car came screeching around the corner.  It was the Joker, who was dangerously riding on the hood.  I ran in the opposite direction, but I tripped on a mattress and landed on the hood of a car.  The Joker pulled out two toy guns and shot me four times.  Since they were just toy guns, I didn’t die, but I pretended to fall so he wouldn’t actually kill me.  Just then, Miranda Cosgrove came down the street on a pink flying carpet, also armed with two toy guns.  (Random fact: I went to elementary school with Miranda)  And just as they were about to have an epic face-off, I woke up. 

To analyze this dream, I used a book called the Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams by Theresa Cheung.  The first thing I wanted to know, is what it means to dream I am a man.  My dream book said that I may have a change in perspective, and its usually a sign of psychological maturity.  (That’s a lot more normal than I thought it would be)  Dreaming about a ruined school can mean the collapse of “youthful illusions” and not to dwell on the past.  I was a little surprised that my dream book didn’t say much about famous people or villains.  Since I specifically remember tripping on a mattress, I thought that may be important.  Mattresses or beds symbolize getting away from the world. 

So, this is how I’m going to make sense of all that.  I had this dream pretty recently, and I think it really has to do with my transition into college.  Going into college is a lot like leaving my old world behind, and getting away from the past (mattress/ ruined school).  It’s changing the way I look at things, and I’ve noticed I’m a lot more independent now (man).  I never expected my crazy dreams to make so much sense.  It’s turning out they’re quite insightful in a strange way.

This is a picture I made of Miranda Cosgrove vs. the Joker.  Who would win?

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