Friday, November 12, 2010


In this dream, I was at a restaurant with about six of my friends. I've been to this nonexistant place before in my dreams; the restaurant is upstairs and the ground floor is like a casino. At first, we were laughing and having fun, but then they all got up and left, promising to come back after doing something. After sitting there alone for a while, I started to get uneasy. Looking around, there was just something creepy about the other people in the restaurant. As I became more afriad, they started staring at me and becoming hostile. They looked on the verge of attacking me when this boy I've never seen before came into the restaurant and led me outisde to help me escape. We ran outside onto a balcony, and I woke up.

To analyze this dream, I went to a website called Dreams Dictionary. The first thing I looked up was restaurant. Being at a restaurant in a dream symbolizes the digestive system. Dreaming that I am being abandoned suggests that I will have trouble forming a future plan. Escaping something in a dream signifies that I will rise up in business later on in life.

The restaurant symbolizing the digestive system was pretty random considering that most of these definitions have to do with the future. Since I had this dream really recently, I can't say for sure if this interpretation means anything, but we'll see :)

This is the website I used:

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