Thursday, November 4, 2010

Elvis vs the Russians

For today’s blog I’m going to do something a little different.  I’m going to analyze a dream one of my professors had because this was just too good to pass up.  He briefly mentioned in class one day that he had a dream once that he was in a parallel universe.  He was Elvis and also a member of the CIA.  His mission: to save Disneyland from the Russians.  That is hilarious.

To interpret this dream, I went to a website created by a man named Tony Crisp who analyzes dreams.  Dreaming that you are a celebrity indicates that you desire to be noticed.  Being attacked in a dream means that you may be in conflict with your emotions.  Lastly, dreaming of amusement parks can represent courage to explore the unknown or dangerous things behind a situation that seems colorful and happy on the outside.

I think this is an interesting insight to my professor.  It would’ve been cool to know more details about his dream just to see what happened and because I’m fascinated with dreams.  I also wonder if this interpretation has an accuracy. 

Here’s a link to the website I used:

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