Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Case of the Missing Car

In this dream, I was at an amusement park at first.  Then for some reason I got scared, so I left and drove my mom’s car down the street into a bad part of town.  Suddenly I realized that I can’t drive and I pulled down an alley and up against a garage.  I quickly walked down the alley back onto the street with the intention of going back to the amusement park to find my mom.  I was completely lost so I went back to the car, but it was gone.  The door to the building was open though, and there were some kids inside.  A young boy told me that the car was taken in to be sent across the sea to be repaired illegally for free.  I was freaking out because that was my mom’s car and then I woke up. 

For this interpretation, I went to a website called Dream Dictionary For Free.  It says that driving in a dream indicates that I am in control of my life.  Dreaming of an amusement park means that I am care-free and fun-loving.  Unknown children in my dream symbolize my inner child and suggest that I want to have fun and not deal with responsibilities for a while. 

That was a pretty strange dream, but overall I find the interpretation accurate.  I am care-free and fun-loving, and in college I’ve had everything under control, even more so than I did in high school.  And since thanksgiving break is coming up, I can forget schoolwork for a while and have fun, especially since my birthday is on Thanksgiving! :D

And this is the link to the dream dictionary I used from that website: http://dreamdictionaryforfree.com/dream-dictionary.html

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