Thursday, November 18, 2010

Engaged to a Spy

This was definitely an odd dream.  From what I remember, I was Tom Cruise’s girlfriend (I have no idea why I would dream that o.o) and he was a spy.  We were living together, and I thought he was going to propose to me because I found a wedding ring.  But actually, he broke up with me.  As Tom was packing up his things to leave, a few men in suits came to the door and I knew they were the bad guys who actually wanted to kill him.  They pretended to be casual and one of them said “so I heard you two are getting married?”  I noticed Tom trying to escape out the back door, so I pretended to be really excited and invited them in to see the wedding ring so Tom could get away.  I told the men I couldn’t find the ring, and Tom wasn’t home and then I woke up. 

To analyze this dream, I went to a website called Dream Lover Inc.  Marriage in a dream is a symbol of commitment but can also symbolize self-awareness.  An actor in a dream represents a role I play in life.  The ring indicates promises and commitments. 

So this means I am secretly a spy in real life.  Just kidding :p  I’ll interpret this as that I’m good at keeping secrets and promises (actor, spy/ring).  Something random I thought was cool about this particular website is that it gives you dream interpretations of Greek mythological gods and goddesses if you happen to dream about that.  So far I haven’t seen any other dream websites with that.

Here’s a link to this website:

Okay, I couldn't resist xD  I found this picture online and put my head on her body

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  1. Love the pic! Though, in reality, I think you'd be taller than ole Tom there.